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-FERN Corporation is the global expansion for the Mother company FERN, which has been known for the brand FERN-C. FERN-C have been very popular in the country for being the first  Non-Acidic type of Vitamin C, which is a safer type of vitamin c compared to ascorbic acid, and became a Billion Peso Company after a few years. FERN  is now known as a company who provides world class and highly effective produces in a very affordable price. It give ordinary people access on a very high quality products. 

In 2012, I-FERN was launched and they did it again. They introduced the very first Vitamin D brand in the Philippines which is FERN-D and they also introduced the safest form of calcium supplement which is MilkCa and it is also the first in the Philippine Market! They introduced a total of 5 new products including FERN-ACTIV, the only multi-vitamin that has FERN-C  while other brands have ascorbic acid,  AURORA Day and AURORA Night Cream. All this products are world class and highly effective and it can be distributed internationally.

I-FERN continuously share it's vision passionately with others which is to "Sharing Prosperity Globally Through Entrepreneurship."

From a dream, which has become a reality for many in the Philippines, i-FERN expands the FERN Vision, until prosperity is attained by all –  regardless of race or nationality. 

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item